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Established in 2000, 1010Models is now one of Perth's leading creative teams with experience in:

  • Fashion, Commercial and Industrial Photography

  • Graphic Design for Print

  • Multimedia Design and Presentations

  • Website Development and E-Commerce Strategies

  • Shop Signage and Effective Shop Layout

  • Live Promotions, and Promotional Vehicles

  • Creative Marketing Strategies

Besides working for top name clients, print publications and fashion designers, our favourite projects involve small and medium businesses.

It is our work with smaller businesses that's most exciting because the impact of our efforts is more visible, helping them reach their financial goals faster.

Photo by Kelvin C.

Statton - Graphic Design & Photography by Kelvin C.

Lunatik Fringe - Graphic Design & Photography by Kelvin C.

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Aren't Models Expensive?

Despite the multi-million dollar incomes some supermodels make, most models earn a modest hourly pay comparable to the "average" professional office employee. However, some Model Agencies charge an arm and a leg on top of the model hire fees to cover their costly overheads. Fortunately you've found us!

At 1010Models we can package our photography and design services with our model hire, giving you a great deal at up to 50% off the industry rate. Reason, if you've hired us to do your photography, we've already covered our overheads, hence we don't need to charge you again for overheads from model hire. This makes things a lot more affordable for you and makes great business sense to us.

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Photography by Kelvin C.

We can help you :

  1. Increase the response rate in your next advertisement in newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, and direct mail.

  2. Increase the effectiveness of your Advertisements. Where customers not only respond, they've got their wallets out ready to buy!

  3. Develop an online presence.

    Allow the public access to your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via an online shop. This is especially important in today's busy lifestyle where there's an ever increasing number of consumers using the internet to research products, prices and making purchases. If you don't have an effective website right now, you're missing out on potential sales!

  4. Increase efficiency.

    Feel run off your feet each day making sales pitches? Develop a website which actually sells for you, while you devote your time to fulfilling orders and growing your business.

  5. Promote your products through a variety of marketing channels.

  6. Add personality to your public image, boosting your sales via a Live Promotion. Utilise our high tech promotional vehicles such as the Smart Cars, Scooters and D'Pods.

  7. Increase your advertising effectiveness through consistent Branding strategies.

If you've put in the hard yards into your business, you deserve to have it reach its full potential and taste the sweetness of success. If you feel like your business is going nowhere, 1010Models will get you moving in the right direction!


Graphic Design by Arun T, Photography by Kelvin C.

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I can't afford to spend on advertising or design!

We appreciate cashflow can be difficult at times, which only gives more reason to improve your advertising to generate more sales! However we know it's no good harping on about improvements when you can't afford it. But wait!!! We've got an opportunity for you..

Here's the Deal..

We'll pitch in and help your business with no upfront costs if we think we can significantly improve your profits within a reasonable period. You'll then have the funds necessary to reward us handsomely after. Sound good? Please complete our contact form ASAP with your details so that we may arrange an appointment with you.

Note: Due to time and financial constraints we can only offer this deal to a limited number of businesses a year so you better act now before another business submits their application before you do.

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