Makeup in 5 mins

speedy techniques when you're in a hurry

Photography & Story by Kelvin C.

We've all been there before.. Your alarm clock failed (or you've slept right through it), you've just scrambled out of bed and you're late for work. As if the rude awakening isn't enough to spoil your day, going to work with a ragged image is just going to make things worse!

In this experiment we put our makeup artist extraordinaire Nikki Burnell to the test by giving her 5 mins to do a makeup suitable for everyday work.

5 mins Makeup
5 minutes
Makeup only
15 mins Makeup & Hair
15 mins
Makeup & Hair

Tips & Tricks

  • Use concealer accurately to cover up blemishes effectively. Concealer works best as a color neutraliser, not to be layered heavily to mask blemishes.

  • Use natural colours. Even if your application is a little rough, it will be difficult to notice.

  • Use the right tools for the job. The correct choice of brushes and high quality makeup products will ensure your application is smooth and hassle free.

  • If you have another spare 5 mins, style your hair. In this example Nikki moistened her hair and gave herself a blowdry with a round brush to add volume.

Darker Eyeshadow in Corners Broad Brushes for Easier Blending Lipliner Blowdry in the same direction as your hair
Concealor under the eyes Blush for a healthy glow Mascara Smile!

Want to learn how?

Since everybody is unique, makeup products and application will differ from person to person. Nikki is available for personal consultations to show you how to get the most out of your makeup kit.

Contact us today to make an appointment.


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