7 Reasons why Modelling is the ultimate part time job!

  1. High Income per hour. Average model hire fees in Perth range from $40 to over $100 per hour for 83% of jobs.

  2. Flexible hours. Modelling is great for students and full time staff who want another source of income, but need the work to fit into their existing timetable.

  3. Attention and Fame. The feeling of being admired by people is priceless. Imagine someone asking, "Hi! Aren't you in this month's fashion feature?" or "Please, may I have your autograph?".

  4. Working with talented artists. Unlike everyday jobs which may be mind numbingly repetitive, participating in modeling assignments is fun and exciting! You'll be an integral part of a creative team who will strive to create something fresh and unique.

  5. Mixing in the Hottest Social Circles. Rub shoulders with famous models, entertainers and celebrities at exclusive A-List parties and events.

  6. Wear the latest fashion designs way before your friends ever see them in the shops.

  7. Easy to get started.

If one or more of these reasons appeal to you, then make an appointment for a 1010Models Interview today.

To be a 1010Model you:

  • Don't need to be a certain height. One of our most successful models is only 5ft (152cm) tall.

  • Don't need to be a certain body shape. There is no such thing as a perfect body, we all have our imperfections. However, we will identify your best features, and enhance them to make you shine!

  • Don't need to have a snobby attitude. Professional production teams simply need to get the job done with the least amount of stress, preferring to work with models who are down to earth, friendly, and helpful.

What we are looking for are people who are :

  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Friendly and
  • Punctual

Regarding your looks, the only way we can assess this is during an interview. If anyone has ever told you that you look attractive, or that you should be a model, listen to them and make an appointment today!


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More than just a Pretty Face..

If you or someone you know has a special talent and are looking for an opportunity to showcase their work, we would love to hear from you!

We are looking for:

  • Stylists
  • Makeup artists
  • Photographers
  • Graphic / Multimedia Designers
  • Music Producers
  • Writers
  • Marketing Staff
  • Event Coordinators


  Miss Earth Calendar, Model Vedrana Grobovic, Photography by Meiji, Makeup and Hair by Nikki Burnell

Stop Dreaming
and Get Real!

In the amount of time you spend dreaming and admiring beautiful models in the latest magazines, you could be modeling yourself!

Do I have what it takes?

If you are pursuing a career in catwalk modeling, you'll need to be at least 170cm tall, size 8, and have a slender figure. You can get an idea by viewing catwalk photos in your latest fashion magazine.

However, if you're like the majority of population who are shorter than 170cm, then you're still perfect for other types of modeling such as photographic work, promotions, television and film castings. These are the type of opportunities 1010Models specialize in.

1010Models have been established for 6 years now, and is dedicated to finding and creating new opportunities for models, and helping people achieve their dreams.

Attend a 1010Models interview and take the first steps towards an exciting career in modelling.


During our interview we will:

  1. List your personal goals and how modeling will help you achieve them.
  2. Take test photos to determine your suitability and strengths.
  3. Make recommendations on types of modeling work which would be best for you.
  4. Answer any questions you may have about modeling.
  5. Develop an action plan on how we'll help you achieve your goals.

Please notify us if you wish to attend via our Contact Form.

Get Started

If you've read up to this point the only thing left to do is to make an appointment and get started!

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